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Online study builds confidence in student

Swinburne Online student Sally Carroll is a self-confessed nerd and book lover and says the online learning experience has boosted her confidence.  

“The online experience is fantastic as I can just get up and start studying in my pjs and there isn't any travel time or time wasted just to attend a lecture,” Sally says.

“I thought online university would be difficult, especially a social science degree, but the support is amazing, it is what you make of it and there are plenty of opportunities to gain social interaction with likeminded people.

“It has actually boosted my confidence as I can learn at my own pace in my own way that works for me.”

The Queensland local began studying a Bachelor of Social Science with high career aspirations and a goal of working in the field of psychology.

“I have a strong desire to be successful and am a very motivated individual. My Father is a CEO and my inspiration to have a professional career,” Sally says.

“I would like to be a psychologist eventually and initially started with the intentions of being a forensic psychologist. But after studying for a few years, the opportunities are endless.”

Sally has been an active contributor to online group discussions, which she says is the key to discovering how well you are progressing in the course.

“The learning group discussions give you an indication of where your own learning is at. The discussion allows you to learn from others and are a fantastic way to stay motivated.

“I do not think there is such a thing as a silly question. If another student asks a question that I cannot answer in my own mind then I know I need to do some more reading in that area, and if I do know the answer, I gain more confidence in my ability. Every contribution serves a purpose,” Sally says.