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Meet our August graduates

Over 150 people from across Australia who studied through Swinburne Online attended the latest August graduation ceremony in Melbourne this week.

In total, over 1,100 students have completed their degree through Swinburne Online in the last two years, from undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from Business to Social Science and Education

Here’s a look at a few students who attended this year:


Name: Lutfiye

Studied: Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

“My favourite memory from studying was when I met one of my friends at the first exam. We were studying together online but that was the first time we met because we were both in Melbourne at the same time. It was the start of a beautiful friendship – a friendship for life”.


Name: Fawaz

Studied: Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology and Forensic Science)

“I have a degree from Beirut University, have studied Medicine in France and now I have just finshed one in Australia! Life is about what makes you happy and for me, learning fulfils me and makes me happy”.



Name: Katie

Studied: Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

“Finishing my degree and achieving the results I have achieved has changed the confidence I have in myself. I don’t second guess myself anymore and I don’t think ‘am I good enough’? Because I know I am.”



Name: Chantelle

Studied: Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology)

“The part of study that is so daunting initially is actually enabling yourself to do it. When you work full time it’s hard to imagine doing something else as well. The great thing about online study is that it enables you to reach your goals by removing some of those roadblocks – for instance, losing your job. It gives you the ability to be able to study”.