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MBA designed and delivered for the 21st Century

Swinburne Online is now offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specifically designed for the business leaders of the future.

Technology has changed how individuals interact and participate in the modern workplace and managers need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead in these evolving environments.

Swinburne University of Technology’s Director of Postgraduate Education for the Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Dr Julian Vieceli, said email, social media and video conferencing are now all commonplace in any workplace, and this is changing the way business leaders are educated.

“Swinburne University’s MBA has been developed to fit in the context of 21st Century business practices.

“Understanding how to deal with colleagues in shifting environments and managing remote workforces is now a big part of most workplaces. Professionals today need those skills if they want to take on leadership positions in the future.”

Swinburne Online has redesigned the university’s entire MBA course for online delivery. Commencing November 2014, the online course is providing students who are unable to study on-campus the opportunity to further their careers’ with a high quality, accredited and recognised MBA degree. It also gives campus students the opportunity of a blended learning experience.

“Really the only difference between the online and on-campus MBA is that if you’re online you don’t have to commute. This is a great opportunity to offer more blended learning for campus students and also allow those that cannot travel to the university the chance to study.

“The benefit for working professionals of an online degree is that it provides evidence that a student is motivated, able to exercise self-discipline and has strong communication skills across multiple platforms.”

Swinburne Online prioritises small numbers in virtual classrooms with 25 students to each eLearning Adviser. These smaller groups allow for robust discussions to be facilitated and enables students to get to know each other, capturing the networking value traditionally sought after in an MBA.

Dr Vieceli said students that study Swinburne’s MBA are typically older, as a requirement to entry is three to five years of management experience, to help put theory into practice.

“Part of doing an MBA is embracing change and giving people the ability to reflect critically on how they learn and manage in order to be become better leaders.

“For most students it is not about changing jobs, as many work while studying, instead it is about building confidence to move forward, deal with change and learn new thinking strategies.

“This is developed by engaging with theory and having those conversations around actual practice in the workplace with peers and teachers who paint the picture with their own experiences.”

Applications for Swinburne Online’s MBA course closes on 24 October 2014. To find out more or to apply today, please click here.