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Key people to follow on social media

Influencers and bloggers are a constant source of inspiration – and there’s no reason why you can’t make use of their talents to inspire your own.

But how do you identify these key people to follow on social media? They are usually the passionate ones, in love with what they do, and constantly embarking on new, exciting adventures within their industry.

This is why influencers and bloggers are the perfect people to motivate you in pursuing experiences throughout your career journey.

Here are some of the key industry influencers we’re following right now on social media.

For design inspo, Studio Vertigo and Mildred and Duck are both studios on Instagram that are a feast for the eyes. Both are an example of how small teams can achieve big things – worth a look if you have that creative flair and are looking to see how studios do business.

Also on design, award-winning Sydney based designer Mark Gowing has been in the industry for nearly 30 years working across communications, publishing and visual art. His social commentary includes a mix of typography and experimentation with form.

In the education sector, The Conversation  has devoted an in-depth section with informed commentary on hot topics regarding education in Australia. The news is sourced by academics and provides valuable insight into people’s views and latest industry changes.

Award-winning education columnist and former teacher Maralyn Parker provides thought provoking commentary daily on Twitter and is worth the follow. She is also editor of the AARE blog which focusses the issues surrounding education to help you stay informed.

The communications industry is ripe with influencers. Consumer psychologist, Adam Ferrier, is renowned in the media industry and an interesting follow if you want to read his insights into behaviour change and communication strategy.  

Another media industry heavy hitter is Mumbrella. It is an industry blog that covers everything under Australia's media, marketing and entertainment umbrella, hence the name, it’s a mix of opinion, news and case studies from the front line.

The business world is full of diverse voices from various industry backgrounds. One worth the follow is Microsoft Australia Managing Director, Pip Marlow. She rose to the top of the IT industry having never intended to head in that direction and is a great advocate for women in business.

Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, Mark Bouris, who has found success in financial services and being a media personality on hit TV show Celebrity Apprentice, provides great insight into the world of business and finance. Bouris lends a wealth of business advice and is an example of how an entrepreneurial spirit and hard work can take you places.

The social sciences are another area which houses many innovative and open minded individuals. ABC Radio’s All in the Mind program is psychology related and host Lynne Malcolm poses some interesting thinking points about the human mind through radio stories about people and their personal experience.

But if you’re into the crime side of social science, you may feel inspired by following The Age columnist John Silvester who is an award-winning crime writer who uncovers evidence and puts forward different ways of thinking about crime in the community.

No matter who you follow, it’s vital to stay up to date in your industry by continuing to learn – and who better to learn from than those who are most passionate about what they do.