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Inspiring a workforce through education

Career progression through study

Education is an important part of professional development. It can further develop skills, act as a vehicle for career progression and be a training resource for employers. Swinburne Online CEO, Denice Pitt discusses the benefits of online study for employers and their staff.

How can studying online help with career progression?

When progressing in your career, you’re often facing new challenges and the frameworks or knowledge that you gain from study can assist with that progression.

Many of our students undertake further study to enhance their career prospects. Employees nowadays realise they need to constantly improve and update their skill base in order to stay competitive or move forward in their career. We provide an opportunity for workers to actively build on their career options by completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Why is online education a good option for employers to consider in providing training and development for their employees?

Cost is often the number one reason why employers do not offer workers training and development. However, opportunities for career development, including access to formal training, are frequently cited as a major factor in employee engagement, and by extension, retention.

Swinburne Online is a cost effective solution for employers wanting to offer training services and access to further education for their staff and most of our programs are Commonwealth Supported Places.

Online education also makes it possible for students to learn in their own time, meaning it won’t impinge on work commitments. The majority of our students work full-time and study part-time and have really mastered the art of time management.

How can employers support their staff whilst they are studying?

Although students undertake study in their own time, employers can further support their study efforts by offering time off for study, exam preparation or to attend exams. When a student is studying, often they will immediately apply it into practice in their workplace, so employers are getting benefits right away. Giving something, like time for study back to staff is a wonderful way to show encouragement.

How is Swinburne Online different than other online learning programs?

We have re-designed existing on-campus programs specifically for an online environment. This is a new approach to online learning in Australia, offering online students a highly engaging and productive learning experience. Students learn through fully supported, connected and active participation which is encouraged through our collaborative approach.

We also offer 7 day a week support for academic, technical and administrative enquiries. This is not distance learning, students aren’t isolated, they are brought into the community and fully supported through their study journey.

How can online study be beneficial to an organisation and its employees?

Companies benefit immediately when an employee is studying, as students can apply theory learned directly back into the work place. And in turn working towards an educational goal can increase performance and motivation in staff.

Further study also has the ability to help people get the spark in their career. Often a hidden downside in a business is an unmotivated employee, and education is an opportunity to keep staff mentally stimulated, motivated and engaged as they work towards a new goal.