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How to study and travel at the same time

Fancy to travel around Europe and gain credit towards your degree? Yes, please!

Swinburne Online Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) Alana Kiel did just that visiting nine cities in six European countries through Swinburne's European Union Study Tour. Those who participate on the tour are eligible to gain a unit of credit points towards their degree.

“This was the best subject I have done by far! The program was amazing. Swinburne organised a great trip and did an excellent job briefing the students on what to expect and prepare for.

“I have always been curious about overseas study options. The real selling point for me was visiting businesses in Europe and seeing what their operating environments are like and I felt that it would be a safe way to travel and a good way to meet new people and other students.

“The assessments that we did also helped us prepare for the trip and do research into the countries and companies that we would be visiting,” Alana said.

Swinburne’s annual study tour gives students invaluable insight into how business is conducted across Europe and allows students to meet key spokespeople who will explain their role and their relationship with Australia.

Throughout the tour, officials and business experts will brief you on current political and commercial issues, which Alan said was among the key highlights.

“For me, going to lectures at the London School of Economics was a big highlight. It was a special event run by the university with guest lecturers. 

“I also went to a sociology lecture and the two guest lecturers that they had were both women from Australia. It was inspirational to hear about their success in business and education.”

The tour aims to give a rounded idea of European business and politics. Students visit the European Parliament, a national industrial development agency and a central bank, meet with German students at one of Swinburne’s partner universities, and receive guided tours of a number of leading global business operations, including Porsche, Guinness, Google and Nike.

They also see first-hand how diamonds are cut in Amsterdam, and get to make their own chocolates in Belgium, whilst experiencing some of the most interesting cities in the world. Alana said the tour allowed enough free time to see tourist landmarks such as the Arc de Triumph in Paris and the Buckingham Palace in London.

“We got some really amazing walking tours of the cities that we visited so that we could learn about the history of the city.

“The study tour also had a good mix of personal time so you could spend time by yourself or going with other students who wanted to see the same sights as you so you definitely had opportunities to take a break from the busy schedule of the tour.

With five subjects left to finish her degree, 28 year old Alana said she has been reinvigorated from the trip and is looking forward to the future.

“Going to the businesses on the trip gave me a new perspective on my career, I feel like I have a lot better idea what I want to do and what companies I would like to work for and what kind of job will give me more fulfilment in the long run.” 

Find out more about the Swinburne University European Union Study Tour here.