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How to fit study into your normal routine

It’s a familiar challenge every university student grapples with – exactly how much time should you dedicate to study each week in order to be successful?

Here at Swinburne Online, we recommend a student spend eight hours per week studying for each subject. So, for a normal course load of two units per teaching period, that amounts to 16 hours a week of study.

Breaking it down

This may seem like a lot, but spread across a week, this equals roughly 2hrs 17 minutes and 8 seconds a day.

Now, it is easy to watch the day race past but there are ways to make sure you fit those two hours in each day. All you have to do is eliminate your daily time wasters and set up a simple study routine.

Measuring two hours:

There are things we do each day that suck up time without us even noticing. Two hours can go by in the blink of an eye and the following activities are just some of the ways we can lose the 120 minutes that could be spent getting study out of the way.

  • Binging on two concurrent episodes of House of Cards
  • Watching endless clips of Ellen on YouTube
  • Laughing through 24 hilarious cat videos
  • Scrolling through countless photo albums on Facebook
  • Buying three new outfits online
  • Worrying about future scenarios that will probably never eventuate

Ring any bells? According to ABS, Australian adults spend an average of almost two hours a day watching TV, and a recent Sensis report revealed that we are spending around 1.2 hours a day on Facebook. We’re not suggesting to cut out TV or social media all together, but we can certainly minimise the time we spend passively engaging in these activities.

How to set aside time for study

Now that you’ve identified your time wasters, making a weekly plan will ensure you fit in enough time to study. The tips below will get you started:

  • Make a detailed study plan at the beginning of each week
  • Try to study at the same time every day
  • Stay motivated by keeping in contact with other students
  • Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them

We all get stuck every now and then wasting time on things that don’t ultimately contribute to our greater happiness or success. But once you break down your study commitments and eliminate the time wasters in your life, it will all seem like a piece of cake!