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How to create a design portfolio to launch your career

An eye-catching portfolio is the key to kick starting a career for talented designers. You may be feeling the pressure to showcase your best skills to employers, so we have some vital tips to ensure your portfolio is looking its best.

Establish a strong online presence

Being online is essential to showcase your work. Today, everyone is constantly connected and consuming, so you want your portfolio to be only a few clicks away. Boost visibility and create an identifiable online brand so employers can easily access your best work.

Be thoughtful about content

Make sure you are using your most recent work and are up to date with the latest trends and technology. There is no point in showing work which is no longer relevant. You want to show that you are on the cutting-edge of design and use creativity and innovation to influence your work.

Be selective

Choose your work selectively. There is no need to display everything, so pick the few pieces which you are most proud of and were a success. Remember, quality over quantity.

Use high resolution

It is best to ensure all of your images online are in high resolution, so that they retain their quality when printed. Your work also has more impact if the images are of a high quality.

Give meaning to your work

You have no doubt spent hours thinking about the processes behind all of your hard work, so make sure you let others know as well! Give some depth and provide an explanation for ‘why’ you made certain decisions. You can even add client quotes, your strategy and goals, the talent used and measurable results achieved.

Showcase variety

When selecting the specific pieces you want to include in your portfolio, make sure to include a variety of work.  Allow each piece to speak for itself and demonstrate your strengths in various areas of design.

Be intentional

Think through your intentions behind each piece and why you showcased it in this particular manner. The process of putting together your portfolio will help you organise your thoughts and explain to potential employers the varying facets of your brilliant designs.

Student support is available if you need a helping hand, and if you’d like to learn more about our design course, click here or apply today.