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How to be more employable

The key to job-hunting is showing that you are more employable than your competition. Potential employers need to see what you already know – that you are perfect for the job!

To help out, we have put together our top tips for making you more employable so you can land that dream job.

Quality over quantity

The job application process can sometimes seem a little tedious and as such it’s tempting to send a generic resume to as many people as possible. However, the scattergun approach will not always yield the best results – a thoughtful application is better than submitting thousands of resumes!

Most importantly, you should tailor your application to the job or organisation you want. Small details such as a cover letter addressed directly to the employer or recruiter, and highlighting aspects of your experience or personality relevant to the role, will go a long way in getting you an interview.

Build your network

As the old saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know. That’s why a solid network of professionals is invaluable to you when applying for jobs. If you are looking to enter a new industry or are returning to the workforce after a break and don’t have existing contacts to get in touch with, don’t worry - that is what LinkedIn is for! 

Create a Linkedin profile for yourself and get connecting with all sorts of people in your industry. If possible, try and meet up with some of them in real life to get a feel for the sorts of attributes they want in a colleague or employee – you never know, you may get a job out of it!

Update your resume

A resume is the first taste a potential employer will have of you, so it's important it is up to date. No one will be impressed that you were class captain at primary school, so make sure you cull any old or irrelevant information. Small things like saving it as a PDF rather than a Word Document, or including links to your Linkedin profile will also help to make you seem more professional.

Update your skillset

Ensuring you are up-to-date with knowledge and best practices in your industry will ensure you are the most employable candidate for a job. This may mean getting or updating a formal qualification, whether that be a training workshop, diploma or degree.

If you are close to completing your qualification don’t forget to highlight the skills you have acquired as a student. Great time management, computer and digital experience and your commitment to your career as displayed through your completion of your course. 

Prepare for your interview

Now that you have done all the hard work to secure an interview, you want to make a great face-to-face impression too. Google some common interview questions for your industry and get a family member or friend to role-play your interview with you, so you can go in feeling confident and ready to sell yourself.