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Discovering careers in communication

We communicate every hour of the day. Whether it’s face-to-face with colleagues, writing emails or even on SnapChat, it is deeply embedded into our lives. What’s even better is that we can hone in on these skills and make a career out of them. 

Career possibilities for aspiring communicators are endless and below we have highlighted just a few great jobs that can come from a degree in communication


Media presenter

Keen to be the next Carrie Bickmore or Lisa Wilkinson? If you are a natural performer, this is for you. Media presenters work across a broad range of media, depending on their specialist knowledge. To be successful in this industry you’ll need to employ all the skills learnt in your degree. Knowing how to read other people, convey information in a clear and simple manner, understand the Australian media landscape and use your inquisitive nature is vital. Successful presenters are often former journalists, so taking that regional radio internship may just be your first step in a successful presenting career. 


Freelance travel writer

Imagine the freedom of writing whilst sipping on a cocktail on a beautiful beach in Thailand. Ok, if you have a pressing deadline it may have to be a mocktail, but the life of a travel writer still sounds pretty exciting right? Your job is to use your experiences and words to convince your audience to pack up their bags and embark on new and exotic adventures. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need excellent writing skills, an adventurous spirit and a good dose of self-motivation.



Ever dreamed of being the next Samantha Jones? A communications degree is a step in the right direction. Publicists and public relations officers promote positive media coverage for their clients, ranging from celebrities and politicians to athletes and authors. Being a ‘people person’ will take you a long way in this role, as you’ll come to rely on relationships with journalists to help you promote your client’s personal brand. Employing sophisticated public relations strategies and using your issues management skills to handle any crisis or scandal will be vital.


Political speechwriter

Have you always been interested in politics, but unsure about stepping into the political limelight? If you have a way with words and can work under pressure, this could be the perfect job for you. Speechwriters must be able to translate complex issues into clear messages for the general public and capture the imagination of the people through powerful rhetoric. You’ll rely on your well-honed writing skills, your ability to interpret your client’s instructions and your creativity to be successful in this exciting career.


Interested in finding out more about our communication courses? View our communication degrees now.