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Change lives by becoming a teacher

As an early childhood teacher, you help young children develop emotional, social and intellectual skills they will use for a lifetime. You witness the direct impact your teaching has on children as young as six weeks old, all the way through to eight years old in childcare centres, kindergartens and primary schools. Becoming a teacher is not just a career path, it’s a special calling. 

Make a real difference

You will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work every single day as you watch your young students learn, grow and develop under your guidance.

After their parents, you are among the most influential people in their lives. Although this is a great responsibility, it also brings great satisfaction in watching the smallest of accomplishments throughout their learning journey.

Be creative

It takes creativity to engage a large group of young children. You will need different learning styles and imagination to make the learning fun! As an early childhood teacher, you are not just teaching one subject you will be imparting important values, teaching students the fundamentals of reading, writing and counting, to discern between colours and even dance or sing! You have the potential to inspire your classroom to be life-long learners by sparking excitement and desire for learning in their early lives! 

A flexible work environment 

Have children of your own? The school calendar and work schedule will allow you flexibility to holiday with your family and balance your working day around your own life.

Start this work-life balance pattern early by getting qualified as an early childhood teacher with Swinburne Online. The unique learning experience blends online learning and real life teaching experience at a school of your choice, allowing you to build a study schedule that meets your current circumstances.

Does the above sound appealing to you? Apply today