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Career change made possible through online study

From computer analyst to real estate agent to carpenter, Jason Ramage is no stranger to the career change.  After enrolling with Swinburne Online in a Bachelor of Criminology and Forensic Science, he has found online study to be an ideal approach towards gaining a new qualification and possible career.

Jason currently works up to four times a week in Bass Strait as a gas and oil rig carpenter. Working off shore means he is already taking time away from his family in Gippsland and says that on campus study was not an option for him.

‘I live in Sale and the opportunity to study, particularly something I am passionate about, is very limited geographically. The closest university is 70km away and does not offer Criminology and Forensic Science.

‘I feel quite fortunate to be able to study at my own time and pace and still have a nice balance of work and family life, which is so important,’ Jason says.

Criminology has always been a fascination for Jason, who has been working in other industries over the past 20 years. He is part of the growing number of people who change their career on average up to five to seven times in their lifetime.

Obtaining a qualification in a new industry or field has become increasingly simple over the years with online delivery providing more access to education. Students at Swinburne Online receive a qualification from Swinburne University of Technology— ranked among the top 400 universities in the world—while being able to study on their own time.

Although online education has a different delivery method than on campus study, students still receive a great deal of support from the Swinburne Online community.

‘When I started my Bachelor of Social Science online there was a feeling of trepidation regarding support. The thought of studying in isolation and the fear of not understanding the materials was the most on my mind.

‘These fears were almost immediately removed as I started on my academic journey, as I discovered quite quickly, you can receive as much support as you ask for by the Learning Advisors, Student Liaisons Officers and other likeminded students,’ he says.

‘So far I have found the collaboration sessions extremely helpful to re-enforce my knowledge and interact with others to share ideas and thoughts on the topics. The sharing of experiences, of myself and from others, helps to create a fuller learning environment.’