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Business graduate creates more career options

Great relief swept over online student Liam Woods when he finally finished his Bachelor of Business (Marketing). The 26 year old is one of Swinburne Online’s first graduates and says hard work pays off as his new degree has created more options for his career.

“Peer support, sheer determination and diligence are what got me through. I sacrificed much of my social life over the past 18 months in order to succeed and achieve the results I did.

“I am already in the industry I want to work in, so it was more a case of finalising something I started a long time ago. It's a great relief – my bachelor is of more symbolic importance than anything.”

Liam first began studying in 2007. However, after two years, he had to stop his studies and move into full time work. For the past 5 years he has been working in the marketing industry and has never let go of wanting to finish his degree.

“I originally studied on-campus with Swinburne University of Technology at Lilydale for two years. Some personal circumstances led me to have to discontinue my study in favour of full time work.

“But in 2012 I found myself looking to formalise my experience and finish off my bachelor, so when I heard about Swinburne Online I jumped on the opportunity.”

Although he works full time, Liam says his qualification is also a prerequisite for postgraduate study and will open up more options for the future.

“Marketing is somewhat of a passion for me, and whilst I already practice it Monday to Friday, learning the formal theories and frameworks in a structured environment was a really good way to formalise my practical experience.

“I'm considering a Master’s degree for 2015 in the areas of marketing, commerce and international Business, in order to up skill a little further.”

Liam joined five other students from all over Australia in forming Swinburne Online’s first graduating class. The group graduated at the Swinburne University of Technology ceremony Wednesday 26 March.

Liam’s tips:

Get credit for previous study. "I had already studied and was able to get credits for much of my previous work.” Find out how recognition of prior learning works here.

Self-motivate. “Online study is not for the faint hearted - you need some serious self-motivation to be successful. Peer support, and sheer determination and diligence are what got me through." Liam also connected with fellow Business students on and off line to help get through his course. Check out more social student networks to get more support.