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3 things you might not expect when learning design online

Collaboration is key

Although the course is delivered online, you won’t be working alone. The nature of design is collaborative and while traditional studio spaces are made of bricks and mortar, the benefit of undertaking these courses online is that students can access their community 24/7, when it suits them. 

As a community of designers, students can support, critique, collaborate and learn when they want, allowing every designer to gain insight and ideas into developing their craft. 

It’s physical! (and informative) 

When you consider undertaking a design course online, you might think all of the course work is digital. In actual fact you will still have the opportunity to work with tangible design elements. 

As a designer you need to push the creative boundaries, which means being proficient in a range of different mediums. Whether that is a physical project that challenges creativity and problem solving skills or exploring communication though design, your creativity will be encouraged both digitally and physically.

Our courses also focus on theory as well as practice. Students can deep dive into the history and development of a particular art form, enhancing their contextual understanding and use of the design. Exploring design concepts and tools of the trade to help you succeed in the design industry. 

Learn Transferable Skills

Think design can’t help you in other careers? What about pitching work in a commercial environment, communicating to your audience without words or managing creative projects. 

A design course is about more than making something aesthetically pleasing, it’s about communication across web, print and media. Whether you are looking to understand the nature of design or hoping to increase your creative portfolio, design units can give you transferable skills which you can use across your professional and personal life.