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Double your Bachelor of Business with a second major

Double Majors & Co-Majors

What’s a double major?

At Swinburne Online, we want you to get as much value out of your Bachelor of Business degree as possible. That’s why our degrees have the option to add a second major or co-major in place of your elective units. This way, you can study two majors without needing to study extra units or take extra time.

What’s the difference between a double major and co-major?

A double major is a field of study within the same discipline as your first major. For example, if you combined two Bachelor of Business majors into one degree.

A co-major is when your second major is from a different discipline. For example, a Bachelor of Business major combined with a Social Science major.

Is adding a second major right for me?

A second major and/or co-major is a great option if you’d want to expand your knowledge into multiple fields, inside or outside of your discipline. By expanding your knowledge, you’ll also open multiple career pathways by the time you graduate.

If you’re someone who wants to keep your options open, then a second major or co-major can help you leverage your degree into multiple fields.

How do I add a second major to my course?

Adding a second major/co-major to your Bachelor of Business degree is easy. Pick your first major, and then you can tailor your degree to suit you. In place of your electives, you could take on a second major/co-major, a minor and some electives, or two minors.

If you’re interested in a second major/co-major, you can see the list of recommended options on your course page under the course structure.

Swinburne Online does offer some other double degrees, so it’s important to discuss your eligibility with one of our friendly Course Consultants. They’ll help you design a course that will suit your needs and ensure that you’re satisfying all your degree requirements.
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