Adding videos to the playlist


  1. In the playlist you just created, click Add videos.


2.     Click the URL tab and paste the address of the first video in the presentation.


The video’s thumbnail appears.

3.     Click Add videos to add the video to the playlist. The video appears in the list.


4.     To add more videos, just click Add videos again and paste the address of each video into the URL tab.

To save time, it’s best to add videos in the order you want them to play in.


5.     Repeat step 4 until all the videos have been added to the playlist.


Reorder videos

If the videos in your playlist are in the wrong order, you can rearrange them by moving individual videos to the top or bottom of the playlist. Note that your playlist will play the videos in the order shown, so it’s important to make sure your videos are in the right order.

Hover over a video on the Playlist page. From the More dropdown menu that appears, select Move to top or Move to bottom.


The video is moved to the top or bottom of the list. Repeat until your videos are in the correct order.


Change the thumbnail for the playlist

You can use a thumbnail from any of the videos in the playlist as the playlist’s thumbnail image. Just hover over the video that has the thumbnail you want to use. In the More dropdown menu that appears, click Set as playlist thumbnail.


The playlist’s thumbnail is changed to the same image as the video’s thumbnail.